Portrait of Savio Menifer

I am a designer who loves tinkering and exploration. Working with emerging technology like VR, I create experiences that let us use our full range of human capabilities. I like 90s trip hop and downtempo music, doing fun DIY projects, and creating pixel art.

Things I do…

Design 🎨

I combine visual, UX, and interaction design to create new experiences. The core of design to me involves defining the problem well and keeping the overall goal in mind at each step.

Technology ⚡

I love tinkering with terminals and code; programming and prototyping are essential companions to my work. I also enjoy learning about the latest tech and tools.

Ideation 🌟

I am always seeking out creative solutions to problems. I do this by drawing inspiration from varied sources and mixing and matching concepts to create new perspectives.

Collaboration 🙌

I believe that the best work is done in a culture of collaboration. I thrive when I'm working with passionate people—combining forces and creating impact together.

Things I value…

Playfulness 👻

Games and play are fun! But besides that, I also believe that a playful approach can often be beneficial to solve serious problems.

Openness 🌈

Great things can be built only through multidisciplinary, inclusive approaches. I value being adaptable and open at all times.

Inspiration 💫

The things that inspire me help me to grow. I find it important to surround myself in an environment that inspires and drives me.

Learning 🙋

I cherish being able to constantly learn (and unlearn) things. Curiosity, exploration, and discovery are always close to my heart.